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A picture of Bingus.

Bingus (also called "Stupid Bingus" on the Interwebs) is a hairless Sphinx cat and is (possibly) enemys with Floppa . He also follows Floppa for the majority of the time, possibly attempting to murder him.


It is unknown what Bingus eats, as we never do see him eat, although, due to his species, it is most likely cat food.


Bingus as seen in the Interwebs.

Bingus costs $1500 dollars and can be bought using the computer to access the Interwebs. He collects the money for the player, allowing the player to click Floppa from any distance and still get the money. He can also be very useful when paired with the Autoclicker, causing Floppa to be fully automed (excluding feeding and cleaning 'doodoo').


  • Bingus originates from a video on Instagram of a person stretching and scrunching the skin of a male Sphynx cat.
    • The true owner of Bingus seems to be chinese, although there is very little information about them, due to them using only chinese social media (for obvious reasons).
  • Bingus could have been present in the Bingus Wars, a war between Bingus and Floppas (it is unknown if any others were also in the war).
    • It could be possible that he was the one that caused the Bingus Wars, either out of being ignored/hated by Floppa or simply due to some event in the future that caused him to start the war, although it is unlikely.
      • Bingus could have also protested agaisn't the war or even been on the Floppas side, although, no Bingus bodies are seen in the future, indicating either the war is still ongoing, or that the Floppas are losing, since Floppa bodies can be seen. It could also be possible that it is indicating that the Floppas have won, as no dangers are present and the Bingus bodies could have simply been removed, although this is most likely a stretch.
  • It is unknown why he is/was called "Stupid" by whoever was selling him, though it is possible they hated him and did not want him, and for this reason sold him in the Interwebs.
    • It could also be possible he was owned by the "Bingus Lover >:)" as seen in the mail, although, the rude name he was given seems to indicate otherwise.
    • Bingus could be replaced by El gato (gamepass) which costs 63 robux.